Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That's some serious littering.


Ten days have lapsed since our last trip... Easter week was very busy since we were fortunate enough to play on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  In the time since our last trip we've really started developing the idea of trying to recruit others from FAC in this whole can-recycling idea.  Today we were in yet another new area but it wasn't yielding too much for us. We did stumble on one good spot early on but it was a lot of effort digging them out of the brush.

Most of the morning ride was spent coming up with ideas about how to spread the word about this money raising idea.  We discussed making a website or blog of some sort, videos we might be able to make to show at church to get others involved... funny scenes or dramatizations we could come up with to share the humor and fun we have on our rides. We were laughing it up, mostly laughing at ourselves!

We'd gone quite a ways when Savannah spotted a single can sitting in the opening a vacant lot.  We both walked up the clearing and confirmed it was a can alright... and it had friends!

The next 45 minutes were a blur as we did an assembly line of me filling up the plastic bags and Savannah taking them out to the street to dump in a pile. I kept filling bags and she kept pilling them up. I wish I would have taken pictures in the woods but it looked like cans were lined up side to side covering areas of the ground as big as a mattress. Everywhere we looked we'd find more.

Once we got them all to the street we quickly realized the work was just beginning... we'd have to crush all the cans in order to fit them in the few bags we had with us... So much for being prepared. It's hard to be prepared to find 265 cans in one spot! Setting em up, stomping them, and then bagging them-- a workout that would pay off in soreness the next day for sure. 

I also have to mention that 265 cans wasn't all that was in that spot... There were dozens more in plain site but just beyond our reach. This is when we realized we'd have to get some equipment to be fully prepared for this kind of find! We still plan on going back to retrieve the rest once we buy a grabber that will allow us to finish getting all that is on this lot! What we did come away with so far filled an entire paper grocery bag and 2 plastic grocery bags after being crushed.

Yet Another Record (this one likely untouchable):

3 bags & 8.5miles

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