Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day of Records...


Today we started off trying to find new territory... It started out quite slow going-- can wise.  As you can imagine there is an inverse relationship to the quality of the neighborhood and the number of cans we collect.  Facts of life.  But anyway, this area today was quite well kept and we were kinda short on cans- although still having a good time.  So after winding down all the backstreets we were just about back to the main street when Savannah spotted something.  Now you remember our last single stop record of 12... let's just say we tripled that!  37 Red Bulls among the weeds.  This neighborhood had been redeemed!  The building campaign that our church is having is set to last 3 years... and when we left this spot we both said  "Surely this new record will last the entire 3 years."

So on to the next area.  It continued to be slow, but we were enjoying the ride since we were in an area we'd never ridden before-- even in our pre-canning days.  We were finding a few here and there when we hit a long street with very little development on it.  Just past a little bend in the road Savannah spotted a trash bag back in a the woods a bit. We've learned that in general where there's trash there's cans so we she made sure I got off to investigate.  When I got close enough I could see that it was a beer carton inside a white trash bag... and there were two.  I kinda figured they'd be real heavy, filled with empty bottles, but once I got a hand on them I was pleasantly surprised-- light as a feather. Cans- and Lots of them.

I picked up both bags and threw them out on the street.  Once I ripped into them we could see the vastness of our hall!  Savannah was by this time dancing in the middle of the street... Singing "The Wonderful Cross". I promise-- I could not make this stuff up! I just wish I would have taken a picture.  So once we got all the cans out I started crushing them.  Let me tell you, it's a tiring job crushing 63 cans back to back to back.  Just for the record, Savannah was likely tired herself still dancing a jig in the middle of the street. Second new record of the day. The previous one lasting less than an hour of the 3 years we'd predicted it would!

End of day 4:

3 bags and 5 miles

PS... In the interest of not going on and on, I'll summarize another theme of this "New Record(s)" day...wildlife abound we saw two giant tortoises, a black snake, were charged by a loose dog twice, and I was mobbed by red ants. Despite our brush with nature we came out unscathed.


Julie Ranae said...

Each time I crush a can of diet coke, I am thinking of you both : ) Great job today!

Julie Ranae said...

btw...that's an EMPTY can of diet coke ; )

Papa said...

Keep the entries coming. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I hope your leg/foot holds up with all the crushing!!!!!!