Friday, April 20, 2012

Very Eventful Second Trip


Day 2 we were ready and raring to go! The excitement of our newly purposed bike rides had us back on the road, and much more prepared this time!  We started off with great luck in our own neighborhood-- recording our record to date in one spot: 12 cans!

As we continued we stumbled on a vacant lot that was just riddled with trash along the side of the road... one can led to another to another until we were piling them up once again.  Our obsession had taken hold of us at this point that once a can had been spotted all our efforts go into getting it-- no matter how difficult to get to it may be.  So at this stop I spotted a can in the brush well beyond my reach from the front so I decided to go around and try to flank it from the side. As I went up into the lot from the side I stumbled upon a shovel. Yes a shovel just thrown randomly into the woods off the side of the road.  When I picked it up to show Savannah she about wet herself laughing so hard-- that of all things I had found this shovel.  Anyway, after trying to get to the can from the side I realized that I still couldn't quite reach it... but Hey my newly found tool might just pay off seconds after laying hands on it.  So when I reached up under the palm bush to reach for this can, it was then that I realized that it was quite heavy. In fact, I saw it was unopened! So rather than try to drag the full can out of the bush I decided to whack it with the shovel. Not a good idea!! The thing had bulged in the heat of the day under pressure and so when I hit it... that thing exploded. Beer Everywhere... including me! This further put Savannah into a laughing fit. But dedicated as we were, we continued on, covered in beer in search of the next stash of cans.

This is a shot of the action-- get too close and you too might get sprayed!

End of day 2:

2 1/2 bags and 5 miles


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I LOVE canning with you:) So happy that we got these bikes. God knew we would use them for His Kingdom:)

Julie Ranae said...

I just know I am going to enjoy reading this blog and watching you on your journey...God bless and stay safe!