Friday, April 27, 2012

We're branching out


At this point we've officially covered all the roads in our immediate vicinity. The last few times we've gone out it takes us several miles to reach what we call "new territory"... that is roads that we haven't already hit for cans!  In fact this last Sunday we went out right after church, during the heat of the day. That was not a good idea at all. After we'd gotten about 4 miles in Savannah started feeling quite weak and dizzy. I ended up pedaling home to get the truck while she sat along the side of the road, off in the shade. 

Today, we started out by loading the bikes up on the truck and headed out to Atwater Park. This was our first mobile trip... We picked this area so we could swing by our friends' new home during our ride.

On the very first street we saw a couple bags in the woods about 30 yards apart. Both of them were filled with empty cans and we were off to a great start with thirty or more cans within 5 minutes of unloading the bikes. Here's a photo of one of the bags... it really shocks me that we've found several of these types of trash ditches in the few trips we've made.

We had a good time visiting with our friends at their new house for a bit before heading on our way. We even scooped up a few cans from them before leaving. We ended up back at Atwater Park just before dark. We stopped and watched some of the little league baseball game going on before loading back up and heading home. We had such a good time we forgot to record our distance traveled and I have no idea how many cans we got. Good times were had so that's the main thing.


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Good times--good times:) Great photos at the bottom! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

Papa said...

I been wondering how the CRUSADE for CANS was going today. You guys will have North Port cleaned up at the rate you' re going.

Love ya,