Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grabber makes it's debut


In the five plus years of being married there's one thing that I know as truth. I don't always grasp it right away, but in the end, given enough time for life to prove her point-- Savannah is always right! To this point in our canning adventures every can has been retrieved by hand... it may have required some extreme body contortions, sticking a hand through spider webs, or brushing up again any number of plant species (some of which have been poison!). And from the get-go Savannah has suggested a Grabber.

Given my analytical tendencies I can't simply buy the first one I come to in the store. No, no- I had to read up on all the different types on Amazon and analyze half a dozen reviews before making a purchase. But today was the day... I heeded the late Billy Mays' advice- The Gopher handy helper that reaches so you don't have to!

My world just got a whole lot easier and my back is thankful that I finally listened to Savannah! 

We once again took the bikes on the truck and parked in an area where we'd had good success on our first trip ever (back when we had to ask for more bags). In fact we parked in this same spot the evening before and started our methodical coverage of every twist and turn in the surrounding streets!

One street in particular today was just covered in cans... little tiny pieces. The county mower had minced up dozens of cans on the street and we had a go at collecting every last one of them. I think we filled an entire bag and a half with just these little pieces.

Once again I don't have any official data from the last two nights. We've been in such a race against the sun to load up all our stuff before it's completely black out. We went about 8.5 miles in the two trips and we have steadily increased our stockpile.


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I love love love that first line!

I love using the grabber--I love being able to reach an extra 3 feet:) Great photos, Baby!!! LOOOOOOVE:)

Anonymous said...

Love the sunshine in that picture. I can sOoooo see you doing the research on the can grabber, but you finally got one and I'm sure that's the main point;)-Candice