Thursday, June 14, 2012

Filled with what?

I'm way behind in keeping up with all our trips... I'll do my best to pump out a post a day this weekend to get back on track!


Today we were a bit smarter by getting out before the sun hit it's apex... plus the neighborhood we work through had lots of nice tall pine trees which gave us lots of shade-- even after the sun started creeping high in the sky.

Often when we scavenge for cans they've been out in the elements for a while... and they tend to collect all kinds of stuff down inside them. I took a picture of one today after I split it open to show you how full they can get.  We also found one today that had a live something in it. We'd hit a particularly good spot (on Scranton street for all our fellow OFFICE fans) and we pitched them out of the woods to gather up and crush once they were all out in the open. Going about my business I was dumping out various amounts of dirt and the occasional cigarette butt when I had one can that didn't want to release what it was holding. Not thinking anything of it I kept shaking it, a little harder now, when a live critter came falling out of the pop top. It scared the snot out of me so much that I jump back thereby making Savannah do the same. We both got a split second glimpse of it's black slimy body before it scurried into the brush as fast as it had fallen from it's displaced hideout. If we had photographic proof, I bet we would be naming a new species right now cause that thing was like no out critter I've ever seen. But without any proof it's simply destined for storytelling in blog-land as it's existence still cannot be proven.

On a bit of a somber note, our grabber lost it's last remaining suction cup on the Scranton stop. So now we're down to the screws on both sides. Doesn't work quite as good as before but it still does it's thing without a single complaint.

Today was a good day-- hitting 5 bags full in just over 4 miles

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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I'm glad you posted--I needed a good laugh today:) LOOOOVED The Office references! LOVE the mystery critter story--although I didn't like experiencing it!

LOVE YOU! Great job on 5 bags! Hope to go canning soon:)