Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heatin' up


Being on vacation we slept in a bit longer than usual so the sun was pretty hot on today's canning adventure... but we did get a little bit resourceful before calling it a day from the heat! After unloading the trailer at church for the first time days before, we realized it was very difficult to reach all the way inside the trailer to remove all the cans. Enter our newly found broom--

We spotted this little treasure just after we started today, so I ran it back to the truck so it didn't encumber the rest of our ride.

You'll notice here the complete lack of shade anywhere along the way. Before we both ran out of water and called it quits, we had a couple other interesting finds. The first is this ancient can, possibly the first one ever made... but if not that, it's definitely the oldest one we've found so far!

And this cool watering can. It was way back in the woods, probably 50 feet off the street. This will probably get a lot more use once I retire from canning and take up gardening. Although it'll be a while before Savannah will let me take up gardening in place of canning-- so for now I'll store it in the garage til it can have it's day.


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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOL! You are sooo funny! I LOVE your pics--esp. the one of you and the broom! Despite being in the sun all day (an missing the "20 shades"), I had a FABULOUS day with you!!!!!!! <3