Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who needs a vacation!


Now that we have our trailer drop off at church it's time to tell everyone how to get involved. I was given the chance to speak during the morning announcements to encourage the congregation to bring in their cans. We were able to show a slideshow with several "canning" photos and we're hopeful we can raise tons of money for the church fund.

This was the start of a week's vacation from work...waaahooo!! I had procrastinated just enough on getting our passports that we didn't go on the trip that we'd planned (a cruise), so we started out our week off with the next best thing: a canning ride!  The most excitement we had was a nice size snake Savannah literally almost ran over-- she came within a foot of hitting it, too busy looking side to side for cans rather than at the road where this guy was sunning himself... she was freaked out!

I had a bit of a freak out of my own a little while later. I had a can in my hand that had some dirt inside, as they often do, be then a swarm of huge ants came barreling out of the the pop-top. I didn't quite get a good picture of them cause they were running around so fast and crazy but I dropped the can like a hot potato to avoid getting a swollen hand from these suckers...

This sunday evening ride was 5.2miles

PS... A few posts back when we filled you in on assembling our can crusher, I forgot to tell you about Savannah's eagle eye on the way home from Home Depot. We go over a good size canal people like to fish in on the way home. Just beside the bridge there is a small slope where people launch their small boats and canoes into the canal. Well that sounds like a prime spot for some miscellaneous trash-- as we went by Savannah spotted a bag full of cans down by the waters edge. We circled back around and she was excited to find this ice bag filled to capacity with cans.

We're always on the lookout 


Paper Smooches said...
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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I'm shocked YOU didn't freak out! That snake was HUGE!!!! And I think you went by him first without seeing him--so that means you were too busy looking from side to side for cans too:) LOL!

I had the BEST vaca canning! I love that we can do anything together and have TONS of fun!!! <3

ps....LOVE your PS story!