Saturday, June 16, 2012

FAC pitching in


Today after church we emptied the Can Trailer for the first time since our announcement last Sunday. Having only been there for 1 week we were so excited to see how many cans were donated in the trailer. We actually weren't quite prepared-- forgot our gloves and extra bags... but the broom came in handy.

Our friend Jared helped me empty it out... but he made me take an oath that I would provide gloves for the next time! The broom was a lifesaver as you can see...once we got all the bags out of the way there were lots of loose cans to be bagged up.

After we got home we started in on crushing the cans... it's a pretty daunting task but if you take just one bag at a time it's not too bad... Then we recruited Jared's wife, Katy to help out when she stopped by on a walk. I'm sure she had no idea of what she was in for!

It's hard to get a picture to do it justice (it looks like there's not a lot of cans) but take it from me that this first week was a tremendous success with the help of everyone at FAC... A huge THANK YOU for your help so far... and spread the word.

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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I love that we got both Katy and Jared to help out! It's awesome seeing how much everyone has collected! Keep up the great work:)