Saturday, June 30, 2012


So I'm officially a month behind!! YIKES:::: SORRY! 


We're growing in numbers... Today Katy joined us on one of our rides hunting cans! Three sets of eyes are better than two. Below is Katy's first can...
It only took one and she was hooked. We found several good spots but I was working twice as hard with two people spotting cans for me to climb in the woods to retrieve. We did have someone come out from their garage to ask what we were up to, and after talking for a minute she wanted to help us out. So she plans to leave her cans out for us to pick up rather than put them out with the recycling! We're getting quite a list of houses we go by each week to pick up their cans.

A couple interesting finds today, included a CD among the weeds in one spot as well as a dead snake. But strangely we're not sure what killed the snake, it didn't appear to have been run over. Perhaps we stumbled on a snake that died of natural causes... interesting!

Before running out of daylight we'd collected a good stash... and we think Katy is now a canning addict too!


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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOOOVED this post--I love reminiscing!! I think Katy is hooked:) Now we just need to get Jared out there with us:) And I think I might need to start wearing a cooler "canning" outfit:)