Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We went how far?


Day 3 parking just off Cranberry Blvd and making our tour. We had one last street we hadn't covered in this loop of streets. Just a few minutes in we stumbled on a pedestrian cut through from this road over to one of the main roads through town.

Just a few steps down the path and we realized we'd hit another big one! We'd go to pick up one can and spot three more. This went on the entire length of this path. We were both filing up grocery bags and taking them out to the pavement to pile up. The Gopher was getting heavy use, reaching into every nook and cranny-- preventing countless late night Calamine applications, I'm sure.

There was even a large opening back off one side that looked like it might have been a campsite at one time or another that had dozens of cans laying around.

We spent the majority of the daylight we had rounding up cans from this one spot. Once we got them out to the street and stomped them all we had a total of 103! There were still more but my Gopher and I, despite our best efforts, were unable to capture them all.

On the way back to the truck we met a little friend on her bike cruising the neighborhood too. She ask us what we were looking for, and once she found out she joined in helping us spot cans along the way. We told her we were collecting them for our church... she told us she used to go to church but isn't able to any more because of her parents' work schedule. She was quick to inform us that "I still believe in Jesus though!" As we left her she said that maybe she'd see us tomorrow too... She was so eager to help us.

Today we only went about half a mile (just over a mile total after making it back to the truck)... but we had a good size pile to haul home.


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I love that we met a little gal who was eager to help us. I also love that we were able to talk to her about Jesus. One of my favorite stories from our canning experiences;)

Julie Ranae said...

You never know when ministry opportunities will present themselves....