Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back to finish what we started


If you haven't read this post you owe it to yourself to read there before continuing...

Okay, you're up to speed now? Good, let's proceed.

We finally headed back to retrieve the rest of the cans that we couldn't carry the day we originally found this spot. Now armed with the Gopher, I felt we were equipped to finish what we started!

We spent an entire hour grabbing our buried treasure from countless nooks and crannies under and in a series of palm bushes. Still perplexed how all of them got there, I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that after a while I was praying they would stop. We filled bag after bag and there seemed to be no end. Crouched down, exhausting the 30" reach the Gopher lent me and stretching as far as I could stretch... we eventually got them all.

We threw the bags in the back of the truck and headed off to park elsewhere and continue our bicycle-mounted search.

Fast forward a few days we had the energy to crush the rest from this one vacant lot and take a final count. Savannah employed the can crusher my mom gave us even though we haven't mounted it yet! I helped by stomping some cause there were so many...

Final count... second trip we collected 319 cans!!! We hadn't even gotten half of them in the first trip. All total, this one lot had 584 empty cans on it. Crazy!

Our bike tour was somewhat uneventful thereafter except that Savannah found our third full can... We're starting to have a collection of unopened cans now.

2.5 miles


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I think if we go back to that one vacant lot, we might find MORE cans again! LOL!

And even though the trip after that lot was uneventful....I still had a TON of fun with you:) <3

Anonymous said...

We like your new logo! Tonight when we go walking we will join you on your hunt. We will begin training Isaiah and Jordan to have an eye for cans :)

Julie Ranae said...

Love you guys! You're fab!