Monday, May 28, 2012

Double Header


We official finished up all the streets in our general area that we can get to just by biking. We're now strictly a mobile clan of canners! This last section wasn't very can lucrative but it is fun to sight see a little. Attention Realtors: We would definitely be an asset to anyone looking to buy a house in our area as we've seen all the for sale signs and can tell you about the surrounding areas.
These are the few we got on the first half.

We got back home and loaded up so we could drive to a new spot. Again everything was pretty slow going in our new spot, so I started animal watching more than finding cans.

As it got pretty close to dusk we found a spot that seemed like it would be the most productive spot of the day. A family pulled up to their house across the street from where we were and we soon moved along after finishing up our picking. Just a few lots down from there Savannah spotted a few cans peppered across the front of a lot. We both got off and soon discovered we found a great spot. Everywhere across this entire lot were cans. None of them were within 5 feet of each other so they were spread out over the entire area. Several had collected rain water and had the worst smell imaginable. As we were gathering, one of the family from down the street came walking down to us because of all the "clinking" of cans he kept hearing. He was amazed at how many we were finding. After Savannah told him what we were up to he offered to give us his cans so he walked back down to his house to round them up for us.
Savannah at the scene of the crime with just 2 of the full bags

Once we got done counting them all we headed back down the street to meet the neighbor to get his cans. After visiting for a few minutes we headed back to the truck as darkness was approaching fast. Before we left our friend said he'd leave us his cans on a weekly basis... so we've added another regular pickup to help build up our donations.


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