Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Man down!


After all our excitement over our new gopher in our previous post, today was a bit of a sad day! Soon after we started our ride I stuck the gopher down in a bush to pull out a can and it came back missing one of the suction cups! The online reviews all noted that the suction cups came off too easily but I had hoped my gopher would be different... but it was not.

The screw that once held the suction cup in place was still secure so we continued on, not without some significant searching for the missing suction cup... and a brief period of mourning when we realized it was lost forever! However the gopher still worked as well as before and was back in action in no time.

Today was slow going can-wise... we did have one stop where we found 20 but other than that we were having to work hard, finding only one or two at a time. It was soon after that the gopher had another injury. This time the screw came out and rendered it completely non functional!

Today was not a total loss... We got word right in the middle of our ride that our good friend Courtney gave birth to their second child... Welcome Jordan! This can's for you :)

5 miles

2 1/2 bags


Julie Ranae said...

Aww man : ( Nothing like being on a roll and then to have a tool malfunction.
You guys are in my prayers!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I was laughing the entire time I was reading this post (last night)! I love the photos and commentary! LOVE the last line--this can's for you, Jordan!