Monday, July 16, 2012

Canning Training Session

Hello, friends:} 

I've decided to take over the C4C blog because Trav has been super busy with other things. And as mentioned in his last post, he is REALLY behind in posting:) 

Hope you enjoy my stories and pics! 

ps...I'm starting with the most recent happenings because I can only remember so far back:) LOL!


As mentioned before, we have been super busy and our bikes have been def. neglected. However, today Trav and I decided to go for a short bike ride. While riding around, Trav mentioned that he saw our "Canning President", Katy, walking her dog on his way home from work. We decided to go to their house and go for a ride with them. 

This is the first time that Jared has been "canning" with us. So we decided that we would have a training canning session. It was a success! Jared helped find two cans {the area we were biking in had already been cleaned up by us, so two cans is a great find!}. Here's a pic of Jared and Trav enjoying their ride:)
Sorry this is isn't a great pic--Katy and I were behind them, and I am not good at taking photos while biking! LOL!

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