Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday x2 plus a Crushing party


HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPY birthday, Kates and Jared!!! How cool is that?? They are married and share the same birthday:)

We really wanted to celebrate them so we asked what they wanted to do for their birthday. Guess what their answer was?!!??

Crushing party with hot dogs and a bounce house/pony/ice cream/cake

WOW! That's a true Canning President and King--wanting to "can" on your birthday!!!

Tami and I picked up Kates for the Monday night route-- and Tami (who usually is a front seat snob- not really!!!) let Kates sit up front!!! LOL!

That was so sweet, Tami:)

Tonight's goal-- I wanted to make it all about Kates and Jared.... well for the canning route, mostly about Kates! So I took ALLLLLLLL kinds of photos of her:)
By this time... she was like, "Really Sav???" So I stopped taking photos of just her:)

Once we got home, Jason/Jacob and Jared joined in the fun. It was time to CRUSH!!! We haven't had a crushing party in FOREVER!!! But we decided that we are going to bring those back--esp. since it's lighter out and tons of fun:)
This was Jason/Tami/Jacob's first time crushing-- Jacob had to go home to get gloves so that he could pick up cans! I really need a set of kid's gloves in the truck!
It's hard to take pics while crushing-- everyone moves so fast!
Tami and Jason did a fab job with crushing... Jacob got a bit distracted:) I think he still had fun though!
Once Jacob joined back in the fun, he couldn't get this can off his shoe. He gave me the thumbs up and said that he had a "can shoe"! LOL! 

It really didn't take us long to crush! It really helps to have two extra people!!

Now... it was time to PARTY!!!!!!!! We had hot dogs, chips and dip, beans, grilled asparagus, and cupcakes. 
So did Jared and Kates have a good birthday??? Did we fulfill their birthday wishes??? Well, not really! The pony was double booked and Tami didn't get the bounce house.... and I forgot to pick up ice cream! LOL!

Happy birthday, Jared/Kates!!! We hope you enjoyed your special day!! We LOVE you guys!! Psalm 118:24

Click HERE for a funny birthday video-- Gotta love the dog dancing!! 

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