Friday, April 5, 2013

Extended Canning Crew


Welcome to ANOTHER edition of the "Extended Canning Crew"!!! Read THIS post for more details. **NOTE:: We would love to see YOU as part of our ECC!!

This photo shows that this ECC member has been saving up some random metals for Cans4Christ!! We love donations like this!!! Rick O. calls us every so often letting us know that he has a pile of metals that he would like to donate. Random metals are good-- esp. copper, brass, extruded metal, etc.-- because we get more money per pound. We appreciate Rick's calls and donations ***NOTE:: I will give you an update on what we get for these metals soon!
THANKS so much, Rick!!! YOU ROCK!

If you would like to be a part of the "Extended Canning Crew", take some pictures of your family or yourself collecting cans, crushing cans, or dropping off cans at the C4C trailer and send them to {Cans4Christ at gmail dot com}. 
**Please include: names of all people in the picture, explain what you were doing and how much fun it was, as well as your email address.

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