Friday, April 26, 2013



Today I did NOT want to get up and go canning-- ONLY because it was raining! But I pulled myself out of the bed and took Olsen along for our Friday morning route. 
He's looking for that black cat again! We haven't seen it for almost three weeks.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that all of the gloves were in the garage drying from our birthday/crushing party the other night {HERE}. I searched the truck at my first stop and was thinking that I was going to have to go home to get a pair of gloves when I saw some leather gloves under the seat!!! HOOOOOOOORAY:) These leather gloves belong to Kates-- and I don't know how to wash them so we always just throw them back into the truck! Thank goodness we did-- I wouldn't have had any gloves for today's messy collection!

And I say that today was messy... but really it was just waterlogged. It had been raining for about 24 hours... and water collects at the bottom of the bins... so when we dig through for cans, our gloves get wet! And man oh man did my gloves {Kates' gloves actually} get wet! It was soooooo gross!
You know it's bad when the leather gloves are soaked so much that water starts to collect in the finger holes! EWWWWWWWWW! 

I guess I'm gonna have to find out how to wash leather gloves!! I can't give these back to her like this:)

***UPDATE: 4/5/13: I washed ALL of the gloves!! They are ready for use again... except for Kates' gloves! I still don't know how to clean leather!! 

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