Monday, April 15, 2013

Giggling Alone...


HOOOOOORAY for Monday night routes... only this time I was by myself. 
I couldn't take any pictures because it was raining and cold out. I really wanted to get done with the route as quick as possible.

Now the weird part of this night was that I literally giggled the whole time! I cannot share some of the things that I was giggling about (because it's just funny between the Canning Crew), but I can tell you that almost EVERY stop had DOUBLE the amount of cans in their bins! This made me laugh because it was almost like they loaded up their bins just because I was by myself and collected in the rain. LOL! I know that's not true... but I couldn't believe all the cans I collected by myself.
So this raises the question: If one giggles alone... does that make them weird? 

I don't care if it does because I still had a good time... although it would have been better if Tami and Kates were with me:)

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