Monday, April 8, 2013

Overloaded- Recycling Trip #1


It's time--- that we go to the Recycling Center! Yesterday's post {HERE} showed why our truck is overloaded-- lots of random metal donations from our ECC Rick. We also included the bags from our Monday/Thursday/Friday routes and some random metals from our house [i.e. a door, pool stick, etc.]. Looks like we might have to make a couple of trips to the recycling center today!
There is a bit of room for a couple of bags so we decided to stop at the trailer to rebag and load up some more.
This is what was left after we stuffed our bed with as many bags as possible-- WHOA! That's a lot of cans!!! 
So we headed out for our first trip. We must have picked the right time to head to the center today because we unloaded as soon as we arrived.
We weighed our cans first.

Total pounds of aluminum cans recycled today: 57

Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 3/15/13: 3,719 pounds!!!!! 

Then we moved on to the random metals-- when we have lots of random metals, the guys have to test each piece (or a couple from each bucket), weigh, and then reset the scale. 

Total pounds of random metals recycled today: 211

Total pounds of "random metals" recycled for C4C as of 3/15/13: 478 pounds!!!!

We are definitely doing the "HAPPY Canning Crab" dance right now-- WOW! That's an awesome amount of recycled metals/cans!!! Keep it up, First Alliance Church!!! 

Be sure to come back to see what happened on our second trip!!!

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