Monday, December 24, 2012

Another Surprise


We love visiting church on Sunday because we get to see how many cans have been dropped off during the week at the C4C trailer. We love checking out how full it gets! 

This Sunday we found another SURPRISE waiting for us by the trailer. 
The surprise is the baby stroller.

Unfortunately, we cannot recycle baby strollers. We are thinking of making a sign with examples to place near the trailer. We love the donations, but we want to make sure everyone knows this isn't a trash bin. 

We need to clarify a couple of things again... THIS post describes what we "CAN" and "CANNOT" collect in the C4C trailer. 

Items that we CANNOT recycle: 
  • cat food cans
  • soup or vegetable cans
  • tuna cans
  • aluminum foil (although it's "aluminum", it cannot be recycled)
  • aluminum/tin cooking containers
  • newspapers
  • food wrappers, etc.
  • juice boxes
So what do we, Cans4Christ, collect??? ALUMINUM CANS! Any aluminum can--soda, pop, beer, tea, etc. We don't care what brand or what liquid it once had inside....we just need CANS:) 
More Surprises: We keep getting cat food tins and soup cans....we cannot take these and they leave a mess in the trailer (bees, bugs, and a smell). 

Please only drop off ALUMINUM cans!!! 

Again, we are so thankful that you are giving to our can ministry--and we are thankful that you want to help! So please keep collecting and donating aluminum cans for the First Alliance Church of Port Charlotte, FL building campaign.

If you would like to donate weekly--you can find our Cans4Christ trailer at the FAC campus. Or email us {cans4christ at gmail dot com} to set up a donation pick-up!!! 

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