Saturday, December 1, 2012

FUNNNNNNN With My Friends


The Cans4Christ Canning Crew got together again tonight for the Monday route! HOOOOOORAY!!! Let me tell you.....SUPER FUN times were had by all!!

Here's a pic that I took as we were giggling and laughing! I can't even tell you what we were talking about at this moment...all I can say is that it was FUNNY!
Sometimes I just snap pics just because! That makes us laugh even more! 

I can definitely tell you that we giggled A LOT when I snapped this pic. Kates found a pan in the recycling bin at one of our stops. It had no handle--so no wonder it was being recycled!!! 
So what's so funny about a pan without a handle? We chuckled the rest of the route because we made up scenarios as to why the handle is gone! LOL! Makes my stomach hurt just typing about it! ***NOTE:: If you want to know what stories we made need to go on our routes with us! 

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