Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!!


**This post is almost a month after our real anniversary date-- so sorry I'm behind!!
Today is Trav and my 6th year anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary!!! 

Trav surprised me and took me away for the weekend. We went to Ft. Lauderdale to go see one of my FAVORITE pastors-- BOB COY and Calvary Chapel church!! What a fabulous weekend! 

And even though we are away celebrating....we can't help but see cans and pick them up! 
We also went to several Apple stores (we are a Mac family!!). We were looking at getting a new iPad Mini....and check out what I caught Trav emailing about:) SOOOOOO SWEET!!!!
And look what I had to load on as many iPads and computers while in the store! We heard cans opening up ALL over the store! 
In case you can't see it--I uploaded THIS YouTube video that I posted HERE on the C4C blog! LOL! 

Canning on our anniversary! Can't get any better than that;) I love you, TRO'G!!!!!!!!

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