Saturday, December 22, 2012

Walking, A Full Wagon, and FUN


I love when I get to go canning with my friends! Today I was joined by Tami and Jacob [age 5]!! Jacob has joined in the fun before-- click HERE to see the story! It's cute:)

Before we went on our Thursday night route, Jacob wanted to go for a walk. So Tami pulled him in his little wagon. He would shout out "CAN!!!" for almost every piece of liter we saw. LOL! It was cute! We are training him well; we just need to make sure it's a can that he sees before he shouts out:)

Our walk took us around our neighborhood, which is part of our route. Jacob saw some cans in a bin and wanted to pick them up. He filled his little wagon bin right up! LOL!
We finished our walk with enough light to continue our route, and Jacob went right along! He had many jobs-- first he was our bagger (that means he had to open our bags up). 
He also was a collector-- finding the cans in the bins! He is a TRUE CANNER:)
I'm not sure if you can see it, but he has his own canning gloves that are just his size! How cute!! 

This just shows that ANYONE....ANY AGE....can "CAN"!!! LOVE it! 

Fun was had by all tonight:) 

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