Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday Route with a New Idea

11/26/12 continued

It's time again for our Monday Regular Route... this is the first route run since we've been on vaca {HERE and HERE}. Well, not really....we picked up during the week and were gone only on the weekends. It just seems like we haven't been on a regular route FOREVER:)

Not sure if you remember THIS post about our solutions to all the bugs in our yard/driveway/etc. The Canning Crew has come up with another idea to help prevent these critters from coming into our home--we think it might help if we crush the cans right away and then put the bags back into the truck. So after we ran our route, we began crushing. **I have to admit that it looked like we didn't have that many cans to crush...but WOWZA! Every time I thought we had one bag left, three more would pop up! LOL! 
NOTE: So sorry the pic isn't that great! I still think Kates looks beautiful:) 

Great idea, Canning President Kates!! Fingers crossed it works;)

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