Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Busy Road...Trip


On my way home today, I noticed there were LOTS of cans along side of the road. I called up Katy, and we agreed to bike down this busy road and go canning. This busy road has no sidewalk, so we biked single-file and pulled off onto the grass when we saw a can.

I have to admit this trip was very scarrrrry--the cars that passed us didn't really "get over", slow down, or yield to us...basically they didn't make it safe for us to be on the road! **Please BE CAREFUL when driving near bikers!!! 

Katy and I ended up near the bridge on this road and found lots of cans around this area. It was super fun cleaning up the neighborhood. 
I'm thankful that Kates goes into the woods to get these cans--she takes her title "Canning President" seriously:)
 I was trying to take a picture of Kates---but accidently had my iphone camera switched to self-portrait. LOL!

Miles: 5.32

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Katy Becker said...

I apparently need to change up my outfit. This is the 2nd post with me wearing a gray shirt and black pants! Not like I don't have enough clothes haha...