Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Canning Training Session


Cans4Christ has been a huge success lately! We've been growing with more friends getting involved and more neighbors and families wanting to donate their cans weekly on our "regular routes". 

Katy and I usually go around on Mondays and sometimes Thursdays to collect cans from friends/neighbors/families. These people have given us permission to get their cans weekly and often leave their cans near a tree for us to pick-up. 

Well, this Monday we had a special friend come along during our canning adventure! Daria is a member of First Alliance Church (but is currently living in NY for schooling) and was home visiting during a summer break. We decided that she needed to get in on the action! 

This training session was a bit different than yesterday's. Since Daria is only down for short time, we had to go through "biking/canning" and "regular routes/canning". Daria did a great job at holding the bags and spotting cans on the side of the road while in a moving vehicle! 

Once again--my horrible photography skills are shown in these pics! I was trying to get Daria and Katy in action:) 
Notice Katy's big smile--that's because we are always having fun while canning:) 

Overall, we had a great night of collecting! This is what we collected in about 90 minutes! Great job, ladies!!! 

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Katy Becker said...

I think I smile even when I'm sleeping lol. I DO have lots of fun canning though. I always find myself looking for them now.