Friday, July 20, 2012

Short Ride With a Big Pick-up


Our canning trips have been canceled a lot lately due to rain-- we have been getting the regular FL afternoon rains right when we want to go biking/canning. **NOTE:: I'm not complaining about the rain:) 

So on Sunday, right after a rain and right before another shower, the canning clan (including the "Canning King" Jared, "Canning President", Katy, and both Trav and I) decided to just go on a short bike ride. We rode around our neighborhoods enjoying the exercise and afternoon sunshine. On our ride, we stopped by a friend's house who donates their cans to us weekly (THANKS, Edward!!!).

It was a great ride!
Canning King, Jared, with our large pick-up

Miles: unsure! I forgot to look:) 


JLamborn3 said...

I left some cans in the trailer Monday and it was almost full. Went back this morning with some more and it was about a quarter full! Bet y'all are getting a work out with the smasher!

Katy Becker said...

J, it's hard work but we have a great time! Thank you for your donations. Keep those cans coming!! =)