Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Friend in the Canning Clan


I called around and found some friends to join in a canning trip today. It was a short trip but super fun! We made new friends in our neighborhood who have donated and want to donate their cans weekly! HOOOOOOORAY!

We also added another member to our "canning clan"- Tami is actually my neighbor! She even brought her own grabber--LOVE it! 
During our trip, Jared's kick stand broke. Here's the clan trying to fix it. 
We collected a total of three plastic bags full of cans on our trip. Not bad for a neighborhood that we had already cleaned up a couple of months ago! 
Miles: 11.08 (Jared wanted me to give the total for all of us-LOL!) 
2.77 each

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