Saturday, July 21, 2012

Canning Alone....and with Olsen


Monday night another storm came in when we normally do our "regular route". So we were rained out. However, Olsen and I decided to go pick up some of the cans on Tuesday morning (THANKS to our friends who put their cans in plastic bags for us near their house! This makes picking up cans easy!!). 
Tuesday afternoon was kind of uneventful due to the canning clan being busy and having their own things to do. So I decided to can by myself. 
Trav took this pic of me after I rode over to say Hi:) 

It was kind of a hilarious site as I would get off the bike and pick up the cans! I couldn't just kick the stand down, do my thing, kick it back up, and ride off.... I had my toes painted that day and had to be sure I didn't risk chipping the paint! I also tried to get a good picture of Olsen and I with our canning collection from the day.
TAKE 1: neither of us looking at the camera
Take 2: better--Trav came home and was able to get Olsen to look at the camera, but I was talking!
Take 3: this will just have to do:) 

Miles: 4.88


Katy Becker said...

Love this post. You & Olsen did CANtastic!

Emily Branch said...

This post is ADORABLE! You and Olsen are sooo cute! He's SOOOO proud of his collection!