Monday, July 16, 2012

A Trip to the Recycling Center


It's been awhile since we took our cans into the recycling center. We have been collecting cans at church and around the neighborhood, and we had quite the pile of cans in our yard and neighboring lot. Normally we would have a "canning party" (Katy/Jared and sometimes Tom would come over and help crush all these cans), but we ran out of time this week! 

Here's Trav loading our cans in the back of the truck.
We had a hard time getting the cans to stay on the scale at the recycling center. NOTE TO SELF: always crush your cans before turning them in:) LOL!
Cans falling everywhere! 
This trip we took in 125 lbs of cans! HOOOORAY!!! Thank you to all who helped gather this many cans! Keep 'em coming:) 

Total pounds of cans collected: 585

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Katy Becker said...

Crushing party this week?? Anything but hot dogs for dinner lol