Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crushing Party!!!!!!!!


Part of the "Canning Clan" gathered today for a small "crushing party". Crushing the cans is super important! If we don't crush the cans--it's hard to stack the bags at the recycling center, and sometimes the cans get full of ants/water/etc. We crush the cans to make sure they are completely empty and properly recycled.
The cans we crush during these parties come from our C4C trailer at FAC, as well as our regular route pick-ups during the week. 
Crushing parties are a lot of work, but super fun. We empty out all the bags and just stomp on all the cans. Sometimes we use the can crusher.
The best part of our crushing parties is getting together for dinner afterwards! Usually we have hot dogs...but this time, I decided to get fancy:) I made some Yumma Setta, salads, and more. I've got to treat my canning friends right or they won't come back to crush:) 
I should share that I'm not the only one who cooks for our canning dinners--Kates made the most amazing deserts for this party! MMMM! 

Miles: none but I bet we crushed close to 1000 cans! 

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