Friday, November 30, 2012

Conversations and Canning


Frequently the following happens as we're driving down the road (this has happened with Kates and Tami in the car too).

[A normal conversation might go something like this with Trav driving]

S: I LOOOOOOOVE this song! {singing along to whatever is playing on the radio and looking out the window}
T: Oh! Yes, that's a good song. {pause} Where do you want to eat?
S: I don't care. {still looking out the window and singing along}
T: We could go to....
S: CANNNNNNNNNN! Stop! Pull over! We have to get it!

Now, Trav doesn't always stop because of traffic or because we can't slow down fast enough {especially on I75!!!}.... but sometimes he quickly pulls off the road, and I jump out to go canning. 
This particular time, we were headed home from eating with his Mom. So the conversation was more about what we wanted to do that night or next day:) 

If I'm in the car with you, I can guarantee that I will yell out "CAN" and expect you to stop!!! LOL! 

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