Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Canning Crew UNITE


I don't know if you remember that cartoon back from the 80/90s called "Captain Planet"? HERE's a link to the theme song and HERE for the cartoon intro (which is what I'm referencing for the title of this post-- esp. the part where the "planteers" hold up their rings to unite). 

I think the Cans4Christ Canning Crew held up our imaginary rings to unite tonight for our canning route;) The Canning President, Kates, and Canning Princess, Tami, both joined in the fun!
I have to say that Kates and I normally laugh during our route, but tonight there were extra giggles. For example, Tami would yell out "CAN!" and I would stop the truck so she could get out and get it. After awhile, Kates jumped in and then they both told me I had get out and get a can! I tried to explain that the whole idea of driving on Monday was that I didn't have to get out:) LOL!
 They saw several cans in the woods.... 
and Kates decided to go get them! 

We had a great pick-up tonight! I looooooooooove canning with my friends:}

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