Friday, February 8, 2013

Same as the Other Day but with Wind


I say today's bike ride was the "same as the other day" {referencing THIS post}... but let me start at the beginning....

Trav and I were able to get in a quick bike and canning ride before he went to work. I'm a bit leery and can't trust our bike trackers {see post mentioned above}... so I made sure that Trav and I started out at zero together! Here's Trav resetting his tracker:) 
We set off and instantly had trouble biking because of the wind! We don't mind biking into the wind-- but here in FL the wind tends to shift directions quickly, which means we are 99% of the time riding into the wind. LOL! 

Going a bit slower, we started picking up cans and having fun. I didn't bring my iPhone this time because it was charging, so Trav was taking pics while riding:) He yelled at me from across the road saying, "Smile!" and as I looked towards him he snapped this pic. I asked him why he was taking a picture of me, and his response was because "he is always on the blog":) 
Towards the end of our bike ride, the speed of the wind picked up. So for this last can, Trav had to literally hang on to his bike while using the grabber to get the can! LOL! 
On our way home I couldn't keep up with Trav-- the wind was too much for me! I ended up only going 6 miles per hour into the wind.
So why is this bike ride the "same as the other day"??? Well.... although we started out at the same time, and we rode the same distance never doing a u-turn/etc..... Trav still went farther than me! 
This is the first time we've shared a final bike/canning pic that is our shadow! We are trying to get creative:)
Miles: apparently I only went 2.95, and Trav went 3.01 miles :)

Bags: 1 bag

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