Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Do and New Stop on Monday


I decided to get my hair cut today... really short! Not sure I like it...actually, I know I don't! Since it's short (and with bangs), I had to put lots and lots of bobby pins in it to hold back my bangs while canning tonight! 
It really didn't matter if my hair was falling down though because I had Canning Princess Tami helping me all night! She was sooooooo helpful-- she would get out and grab any cans that I spotted alongside the road:) I would yell, "Can!", stop the truck, and Tami would jump out to get each one! 
We have such great C4C friends-- at one of our stops, Tami and I got out to collect cans. We saw the owner coming down the driveway holding out her hand and talking on the phone. We stopped collecting (thinking that she was wanting us to stop).... but then we heard her say, "Do you want Cans4Christ to come pick up your cans? Ok. What's your address?" WOOOOOOOOOW!!! One of our regular stops helped us get another stop!!! How awesome is that??? What a blessing this family is to C4C!!!  And there's more good news.... the new stop had at least 15 WalMart bags full of crushed cans!! HOOOOOOORAY:) 

Today was a good day... minus the haircut;)

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