Friday, February 22, 2013

Recycling Center with Questions post1


It's time again! We really need to take the cans in to the recycling center! Here's a picture of what the back of the truck looks like...
and here's a pic of what the trailer looked like the other day...
Put that together and that means we are headed to the recycling center ASAP! 

We were so busy trying to unload and rebag the trailer that we forgot to take pics of what the trailer looked like this morning! However, I did take a break to snap a picture of our ECC member, Jay. He dropped off some cans while we were there! AWESOME!
Thanks, Jay!! Keep 'em coming!

While unloading the trailer, we found a bag with a Christmas sticker on it. We are thinking this is from our Canning President's mom, Pat!!! LOVE it!
We finished up at the trailer leaving behind 6 super large black bags. They just wouldn't fit--even with the new web! Look at how full the truck bed is! 
We headed to the center with our first load and it was actually kind of quite there-- that's because it was like an hour before lunch! We were lucky to have two guys helping us unload the truck.
Total pounds of aluminum cans recycled today: 141

Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 2/9/13: 3,199 pounds!!!!! 

Again Trav helped unload this massive mound of bags while I waited to check out. I think I got some better pics of him throwing the bags this time:) 
Come back tomorrow to find out if...
  1. We made it back to the recycling center before the went on their lunch break
  2. How much we collected from the six bags left at the C4C trailer
  3. Trav/Sav start a new tradition for Recycling days!

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