Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ECC...kind of:)

3/4/13 continued x2

Welcome to ANOTHER edition of the "Extended Canning Crew"!!! Read THIS post for more details. **NOTE:: We would love to see YOU as part of our ECC!!

The past two posts {HERE and HERE} have shared our adventures heading to the recycling center after we got back from vacation. This time I asked the Canning Crew for guesses on how many pounds we recycled. Well... I also asked our Facebook fans for guesses! I put this photo on FB using Instagram asking if anyone had a guess for our load.
We had two responses... both were good guesses, but neither one won. Next time:)
Julie: 400
Aunt Mary: 50

 THANKS so much for your love and support for C4C, Aunt Mary and Julie!!! You guys are the BESTEST:)

If you would like to be a part of the "Extended Canning Crew", take some pictures of your family or yourself collecting cans, crushing cans, or dropping off cans at the C4C trailer and send them to {Cans4Christ at gmail dot com}. 
**Please include: names of all people in the picture, explain what you were doing and how much fun it was, as well as your email address.

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