Friday, March 29, 2013

More Canning?

3/4/13 continued x3

YUP! Today Trav and I headed to the recycling center two times {HERE and HERE}, and then I had to run the Monday night route! We never stop!

Kates asked if we could bring a new friend along--- my answer was OF COURSE! Tonight we brought Sophie, Kates' niece.  
When we picked her up, she had a bag of cans for us! I think I like her coming along:)

Kates and Sophie did most of the work tonight! Another reason I like when Sophie comes along!!! LOL! 
The route was regular, like most Monday nights... well, this time we saw something different... Christmas lights lit up! I guess this house wanted to celebrate Christmas in March... or maybe they just had a party. Either way, we giggled because it was def. not normal for us to see this:) LOL!
Not sure you can see it-- but the Christmas lights were on and wrapped around the front trees. I don't remember seeing them before... but maybe that's because I was canning:)

And finally, one more pic of Kates at a good friend's house. He is an older gentleman and is super sweet:) We enjoy picking up cans from his house!
As always.... a good time was had by ALL:) And Sophie can def. come back canning {as long as she brings a bag and does all the work for me! LOL!}! 

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