Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Time! Trip #1-- lots of pics


It's time--- that we go to the Recycling Center! Yesterday {HERE} we were blown away by the amount of cans sitting outside of the trailer when we arrived for church service. That was the clue that this trip was necessary:)

So Trav and I suited up for the big trip-- today it required some extra clothing since it was SOOOOOO cold out! 
Trav packaged up the cans that were in the side lot while I found some extra gloves, hoodie, and hat. 
Thanks, Trav!!! I know that bagging these cans up wasn't easy-- esp. since they sat in the sun for two weeks! <3 you!
Trav said I looked like a fighter with my fingerless gloves and getup for the day! I didn't care what I looked like-- I just wanted to be warm:)

Here's what the truck load was from our house.
And this is what we saw when we got to the parking lot at church! I think that more cans were dropped off last night after the service! LOL! 
The good news about this load is that most of the cans were already in bags-- so the re-bagging and organizing of these cans didn't take long! Trav and I went right to work. His job was to pull out the cans/etc., and I had to open each bag (untie the knots) to make them fuller. 
It's amazing how many cans we can collect from just our church... and without fail, there is always a surprise in the trailer that we have to sort through! This time around we found a box full of empty soup cans, veggie cans, and cat cans. We cannot recycle these:( 
These non-recyclable cans were put into this box and filled it up! We are appreciative of those who bring these cans-- but we need to let them know that we don't recycle them:)

Now this is a good view of the trailer-- ready for MORE cans!
After this victory shot, I turned around to see that Trav was getting the web out and trying to fit as many bags as he could in the truck bed. LOL! This was def. going to be a two load trip:)
Here's what we had to leave behind while we took the first load in-- it doesn't even look like we made a dent on the pile:) LOL! 
I texted everyone in the Canning Crew for guesses-- here's what they said: 

Tami: 302 (playing Price Is Right strategy)
Kates: 279
Jared: 404
Sav: 301
Trav: 222
Poppie: 245

And guess what... our first load was HUGE!!!!!! Check out how large the pile was on the scale!! 
Total pounds of aluminum cans recycled today: 147

Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 3/4/13: 3,533 pounds!!!!! 

And Trav helped out throwing the cans to their spot! I think that's his favorite thing to do at the end of a recycling trip:)

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