Friday, March 8, 2013

VACATION...But First An Announcement


Trav and I head out to a cruise today!!! We are going to be on this ship for six days and one of our stops is Jamaica!! HOOOOOORAY:)

Funny thing is that today (the 17th) is the day our church does an Imagine campaign update, which means that Cans4Christ needed to have an update and announcement. But we were going to be gone....

THANK goodness our worship leader, Tony, stepped up to the plate and announced all the info! Since we missed church today (due to leaving the house around 8am for vaca), we watched the service online!

We made Trav's iPhone a "hot spot" and used the iPad to watch the announcement and sermon on Ustream. Then I got the brilliant idea of videotaping this using my iPhone! LOL! You can even seen our reflection on the screen!
THANK YOU so much to all from First Alliance Church-- your donations of cans, as well as your love and support, mean so much to us and Cans4Christ!!!! 

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