Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Friday Back...


...and it didn't turn out as planned! 

It's hard to get back into the groove of things and your schedule after a vacation. AND it's even more difficult when you have a Canning Crew member sick {Trav is still ill}. ANNNNNNNND it's even more difficult to work in the cold! 

Today I did the Friday route by myself... and I woke up a bit late! So I tried to rush through the route before the Recycling Trucks picked up our cans. Right in the middle of the route, look what I ran into!!! 
YUP! I was so late that the Recycling Trucks got our cans first.

No worries though-- it happens! Plus, we have two wonderful friends on the Friday Route that save their cans for us near their house-- so I knew that the trucks wouldn't get these cans!

When I stopped at the last house, I remembered that we informed her of our absence and asked her to save her cans for an extra week. WOW! Look at all of these  cans! HOOOOOORAY! 
I was super happy until I dropped the bin {which had rain water and extra liquid in it) on my new shoes! Rats! But worth it since we were able to get so many cans in one stop:)
Not sure if you can see the stain down the right side- but it was a lot of liquid that hit my shoe and then leaked into it and my sock soaked it up! 

I returned home and reported back to Trav. Even though he was sick, I made him come outside to get a picture of my outfit-- it was so cold!!! And the worst part was that my hat wouldn't stay on my head! It would continue to move upwards on my head every time I bent down to pick up cans. This is what it would look like after each stop- LOL! 

I can't wait until it warms up and when Trav will feel better:)

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