Friday, March 1, 2013

Recycling Backwards


Due to our upcoming vacation, Trav and I needed to take in the cans AGAIN! So we loaded up the truck and headed to the church to empty the trailer before going to the recycling center. 

We also decided to do this trip a bit different-- we did it backwards (still following our tradition {HERE} but backwards)! First we would eat at Chick-fil-A, then head to the church to pick up the cans, and then recycling!  Plus, Trav would take the cans in by himself while I was in a meeting.  
Here's Trav driving us around-- we had just finished eating our yummy meal at Chick-fil-A!!! 

We already had a large load in the truck....
And the trailer had a fair amount of bags (you can't see them in this pic- LOL!)... 
It didn't take long before the truck bed was full. We strapped everything in with the web and headed off for my meeting.
Now this is where I stop and Trav begins--- but he doesn't really have anything to say:) He was in and out of the recycling center quickly! LOL!
Now--I know I've said my photography skills were bad.... but Trav must have been moving while taking this pic! LOL! 

Total pounds of aluminum cans recycled today: 121 

Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 2/15/13: 3,386 pounds!!!!! 

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