Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Night Route with Onion Rings


Tonight was a super fun night for the canning crew---

The Story: Trav and I just returned from vacation, and while working on my weekly schedule Sunday night, I heard on the radio that the Outback Steakhouse race car driver (not sure of his name) had placed in the top 10 and that on Monday customers would get a free onion ring if they mentioned his name. So I texted the Canning Crew and told them that after canning we would have a special treat since they worked so hard while we were gone! 

So Monday the Canning Crew texted back and forth getting details set up-- Jason decided to make hamburgers and hot dogs for us, and Jared was bringing chips (since he was just getting off work when canning would end). PERFECT! So the goal was to go canning, pick up the onion rings and then hang out with the Crew for the night! 

Everyone was game, except Trav. We had only been home for 24 hours and he was seriously ill with the shakes, shivers, fever, and flu-like symptoms. Poor thing! I left him at home to rest and went to pick up the girls and get started on our route. My first stop was at Tami's house-- and I got to see the new puppy {see more info about him HERE}!!! 
Then off to Kate's house and onto the route! We worked hard and gathered up cans quickly! Look at Tami hustling to get this bag tied! 
And Kates got out of the truck to get some cans on the side of the road!
We ended the route with anticipation for the onion rings! However the rings would have to wait for a little while because we decided that since we were going down to Port Charlotte, we might as well stop by the C4C trailer at the church

You see, no one had the key to the trailer while we were gone! OOPS! So Trav and I received several phone calls and emails on Monday about how the trailer was packed and there were bags all down the side of the fence. This is good news.... but that means lots of work for us since we forgot to hand off the keys! LOL!

So the crew went to the trailer to find THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love how Kates is standing thinking about how we were going to accomplish this task! LOL!

WOWZA! That's a lot of cans! Kates, Tami, and I started throwing cans into the trailer and re-bagging some into bigger black bags (so they didn't fly away with the wind). We ended up filling up the C4C trailer with about eight large bags stacked on the side near the fence. 

FINALLY! It was time to get the rings! We all started calling Outback Steakhouse at the same time-- supposedly we each could get a free onion ring. 
We called and called but didn't get anyone on the phone until we arrived at the restaurant. Tami ran in and got our place for "take-out". We all put in our order and got FREE ONION RINGS! HOOOOOOOORAY! Thank you Outback Steakhouse race car driver!!! 
We were starving by the time we arrived at Tami's house for dinner-- so I didn't take any pics of the entire crew. Next time!!! I hope that race car driver wins again so we can get more free onion rings and hang out on Monday night next week:} 

ps... the hamburgers and hot dogs were really good! Jason is on grill duty again! And Jared brought some gooooooood chips! I always love getting together with friends!!!

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