Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Late Christmas Present for Cans4Christ

On 1/4 Trav and I headed north to Venice to take my bike in for repairs (I needed a new tube in the back wheel). Since it was on the way, we stopped by Poppie's house so we could visit and exchange Christmas presents. 

The STORY: A couple of weeks ago, Poppie texted both Trav and I asking us what we wanted for Christmas. We never know what to ask for so we told Poppie not to get us anything. He was very persistent- texting us back and forth really late at night! LOL! As a joke, Trav told me to text him back and say that we wanted a "spider web" for the truck so  nothing will fall out when we take cans in. We really didn't think Poppie would know what this "web" was so we sent the message and didn't think about it again.

Here's one of the bags that we got from Poppie. It says, "Now you can be safe with a load". 
Inside this bag was......
A CARGO NET!!!! Hoooooray! Poppie actually got Cans4Christ a "web" for hauling cans in!!! Now we def. can be safe when going to the recycling center--NO MORE bags or cans falling out of the truck and onto busy roads!! THANKS, Poppie:)

Inside my bag were 12 bungie cords!!! We needed a set of these for Cans4Christ too!!! Poppie really did a great job with gifts this year;) 

And here's a pic of Poppie opening up our gifts--we always give him gifts with a "chicken" theme:)
We headed to lunch and Lowe's afterwards. At Lowe's, Trav found 2 cans!!! We threw them in the back of the truck and went about our business.

While driving back home on I75 {going about 70}, we heard noises from the truck bed. Yup! Our cans flew out! We probably should have used our new cargo net:) LOL!

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