Friday, January 18, 2013

Recycling Trip #1

On 1/12, Cans4Christ headed to the recycling center for the second time in 2013 {THIS was our first trip}!!

Holidays are SUPER hard for C4C-- we are busy and don't get around to taking the cans in (or visiting the C4C trailer at the church) for weeks! Needless to say, we had a HUGE load to recycle today. 

The worst part about piling up cans for 2 weeks had to be the cans that sat in "gunk" for that long-- oh my! The smell was HORRRRRIBLE! See THIS post for a description of what that "gunk" is or to check out what it looks like. GROSS! 
Uh....yes those are Christmas lights on our house! We took them down a bit late this year:)

Good thing we had our masks on:)
I can't even say THANK YOU enough to our Poppie for the "spider web" that he got us for Christmas {see THIS post}. Trav and I were so excited about using this web-- Trav was more excited than me because he was crazy driving (swerving left and right) just to see if the bags would stay in the back of the truck! LOL! **NOTE:: He only drove like a crazy man for a block-- and we made sure no one else was on the road! So technically he was being a "safe/crazy driver"! LOL! 
On our way to the Recycling Center, Trav and I thanked Poppie in a text and shared some of these pictures of us using the "spider web". He responded that his guess for the weight of the load would be 213 lbs total. I had to laugh because I didn't even think about asking the Canning Crew what they thought-- I was so excited about going that I had forgot! 

So I texted everyone (including Trav--this was the first time he received an "official" text about guessing the weight!): 

Poppie: 213
Kates: 200
Tami: 207
Me: 225 (but I wanted to say 190)
Trav: 170

The Recycling Center was super busy, but we unloaded quickly and found out that we had a great first load! 
I love this pic-- you can see the workers and Trav unloading the truck in the background:)
Total pounds of aluminum cans recycled today: 117

Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 1/12: 2,805 pounds!!!!! Come back on Monday to see how much our second load ended up being, as well as the Guessing Game winner!!! It will surprise you:)

Congrats everyone!! Cans4Christ is doing awesome!!! Keep collecting your cans and random metals:) 

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