Friday, January 25, 2013

True Catchphrase and NO Poison Ivy/Oak

Trav and I had some time for a quick bike/canning ride on 1/15, so we headed out... but first we took Olsen for a quick run! 
Trav and I went around our neighborhood again. It's amazing how quickly the roads are littered with cans after we collect! 

Since our last "amendment" and change to the C4C motto "We go to the ends of the Earth for cans!!" {HERE}, we haven't been near the woods. I will see cans deep in the woods and brush... but I don't tell Trav because I don't want him to get more poison ivy/oak. he wasn't listening! I told him that I saw a can in a lot, and he went to go get it.
And then he went further! 
I asked him what he was doing (NOTE: I didn't yell at him:)), and he responded that the C4C catchphrase {HERE} was true-- where there is one can...there were many! LOL! I just hope he doesn't get any poison ivy/oak from this collection!! 

Down the road at another stop, I was emptying a can and was scared due to a little frog that jumped out of the can! GROSS! 
Overall, we had a good ride! I love cleaning up our community...collecting cans for our church....and spending time with Trav:)

Miles: 4.33
Bags collected: 1 bag 

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Mom/Lori said...

Maybe Trav needs to start wearing LONG socks to go into the woods for protection from the ivy/oak.:)