Friday, January 11, 2013

Random Metal Pick-Up

Trav and I were approached a week ago {after leading THIS service at church} by Jim G. He asked us if we could stop by his house and pick up his aluminum pool cage for recycling. 

On 1/5, Canning President Kates and I headed to Jim's house without knowing what we were getting ourselves into. Once we found Jim's house (don't ask!!! I am horrible with directions and copying down information! LOL!), we realized that this pool cage was a bit bigger than what we could fit in the truck. 
Jim got out a hammer, Kates and I pulled the screen apart, and we figured out a way to make everything fit in the back of our truck. It didn't take long before everything was disassembled. ***Actually, it looks like I didn't do anything because I was taking pics! I promise I helped a bit with the deconstruction:)

Kates and I were unsure of what we should do next: we could either 1) keep everything in the back of the truck until later in the week or 2) head to the recycling center. We picked dropping off the goods at the recycling center:) 

NOTE:: This was the FIRST time I've been to the recycling center alone/without Trav and this was the FIRST time I backed up the truck for something like this {don't ask about this either!!! I hate driving the truck! I hate backing it up even more! LOL!). 

Kates and I were really shocked at the amount we recycled today--- I didn't even have time to text the Canning Crew for guesses! However, Trav sent us a message saying he thought we had 200 pounds of aluminum. LOL-- we let him win since he was the only player in this guessing game:)

Total pounds recycled today: 114
Total pounds of "random metals" recycled for C4C as of 1/5: 267 pounds!!!!

THANKS so much, Jim!!! Cans4Christ is doing awesome!!! Keep collecting your cans and random metals:) 

Kates and I decided to "check" the C4C trailer in the church parking lot since we haven't emptied it for two weeks. Good thing we did because this trailer is PACKED! Literally! Guess we will have to stop by the recycling center again this week:)
There were several bags sitting outside the trailer...we stuffed them inside the best we could! HOOOOORAY for so many bags and cans!!!

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