Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Long Ride but Mostly For Fun


I've been out of town for most of this week, and so our canning/biking rides have been put on hold (again!). So on Friday night, Trav and I decided to go on a "fun ride". We rode over to our friend's house and met up with Jarred and Isaiah half way there. 
I'm usually prepared on our bike rides--I carry bug spray, extra bags, gloves, kleenex, hand sanitizer, the grabber, and more in my basket...just in case we find some cans. So even though we were just "riding", I had Trav use the grabber to get some cans in the culvert and along side the road. It was a bit difficult to get these cans because the ground is flooded due to the daily rain we've been receiving. There are several cans that we couldn't reach--so we will be riding over to get those cans as soon as the ground dries up! 
Miles: 10.38
Cans/Bags collected: one (not bad for a fun ride)

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