Monday, August 27, 2012

He's Back!!!!!!!!


It has been FOREVER since Trav has been able to go canning with me! I am soooooooo excited that I get to shout--HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it was literally like he never took a break. Trav got on the bike and started looking for cans--going to the "ends of the Earth" to get each one! We laugh about this saying, but it's true! We go into the brush and woods, bending down and crawling into spaces, getting scratched and bug bites--all for ONE can:) 

Lately, it's been raining. So several cans are hard to reach! I took some pics of Trav debating on how to get a can! 
On our ride, we rode past a friends' NEW house!! I can't wait for them to move here so we all can go canning together! 

I had a great time riding around today--we might not have collected many cans....but I spent time with my FAVORITE person (and Co-Founder of Cans4Christ)!!! <3
Bags: 1
Miles: 5.75

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Katy Becker said...

Welcome back fellow canner!!